Can I order products that are not in the list?
Of course! We love to curate for you, but know that everyone has their favorites, so email us at ny-catering@eataly.com to add-on any items you don't find. 

Can I know what is in the "Built for You" box?
In selecting the Built for You box, you're trusting our selections and going in for the surprise! If surprises aren't your thing, go for the Built by You box.

What if I want Add-Ons on the "Built for You" box that are included in the "Built by You" box?
We're always here for you, just email us at ny-catering@eataly.com and we'll accommodate any add-ons you'd like!  

What if I don't live in the Hampton, North Fork, and Mid-Island?
We're always working on expanding, but also have the ability to deliver to the 5 boroughs and all across Long Island. Email us at ny-catering@eataly.com to find out more on how to order. 

What if I receive damaged or wrong products?
Sometimes mistakes happen and we hit some bumps in the road; we thank you for understanding. Email us at ny-catering@eataly.com with any order issues and we'll find the right solution with you. 

When will I receive my order?
Both deliveries and pick-ups happen on Fridays, we are working toward moving it to Thursdays, stay tuned.

At what time will I receive my order?
As the date of delivery approaches we will let you know exactly at what time you should expect it.

What is the difference between the Built For You and the Built By You box?The Built For You box is a selection of Eataly staples that changes weekly and is meant to be a week's worth of grocery shopping for a family of 4. The Built By You box is whatever you’d like it to be – you get to choose every item that goes in it.

What is included in the Built For You box?

  • High-quality Italian pantry items 
  • Selections from our Salumi & Formaggi counter
  • Your choice of a pop-in-the-oven dish
  • A prepared salad from our Gastronomia counter 
  • A fresh pasta & sauce pairing 
  • Fresh bread 
  • An abundance of produce, featuring the best the season has to offer
  • Our house-made mozzarella, organic eggs, White Moustache Yogurts and your choice of milk 

I don’t live in either Hamptons, Mid-Island, or North Fork, what do I do?Before placing your order please email ny-catering@eataly.com and we’ll let you know if we offer delivery in your area.

How much is delivery?
Delivery in the Hamptons, Mid-Island and North Fork is $30. 

I would like an Eataly product that I always buy at the store but I don’t see it here.
Please email us at ny-catering@eataly.com and we’ll do our best accommodate any special request.

I have a friend that would like to receive these emails as well, what should he or she do?
Please have them email ny-catering@eataly.com, and feel free to forward the link to this website.

What is in the Pizza alla Pala kit?
Kit includes two balls of Pizza alla Pala Dough, 1 pint of Housemade Tomato Sauce, one Eataly’s Housemade Mozzarella.

For every item for which you’d like to know more click on read more right underneath the name.

I missed the deadline, what should I do?
We are sorry you missed the deadline! Please email us at ny-catering@eataly.com and we’ll make sure to send you the link for next week as soon as possible.

How does pick up at Carissa’s in East Hamptons work?
Select this option for pick-up while checking out. Later in the week, we send you a time at which you’ll need to be at Carissa’s to pick up your order.

The day of pick up, just  come with your car and we’ll take care of loading your trunk in a fast, safe  and contact-less way.

Who exactly is Santina? I’d really like to meet her!
Santina is one of our Eataly Downtown’s general managers. Stop by the store the next time you are in the city and she’ll be happy to offer you a coffee!