Afeltra Carta Paglia, Vesuvio Pasta (2.2 lbs)


Vesuvio from Afeltra is made with the best durum wheat semolina that is mixed with water from Gragnano. Afeltra uses only traditional bronze extruding machines which give the artisanal pasta a rough texture with many pores. These pores will absorb the pasta sauce much better when finishing the dish! Afeltra Vesuvio is also slowly dried at a low temperature for up to 48 hours which helps the protein structure in the pasta stay strong allowing for a better al dente texture!

Vesuvio pasta are inspired and takes the name from Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that towers over Naples. The legend says that Vesuvio pasta shape was invented for Italian immigrants to think back and to honor Naples while abroad.

Enjoy this pasta with a sausage ragù sauce, or pesto.