Mario Fongo, Rubata Breadsticks


Mario Fongo's Rubata' Breadsticks are crispy and versatile cracker product, ideal to eat with prosciutto crudo as a healthy snack.

In the Piemontese dialect, Rubata' means fallen and it refers to the technique of the baker in hand-roll the breadsticks with their tips and rolling them around their thumbs with the palms of the hands closed together, then letting them fall, rubata' in dialect, on the rolling board. Rubata' breadsticks are typical from Piedmont and it is one of the oldest forms of breadstick dating back to the Court of Savoy in 1679.

The Classic version of Mario Fongo's Rubata' Breadsticks are made with just flour type 00, water, salt, yeast and the best organic extra virgin olive oil.

Try the Languages in combination with your Eataly cheese and salumi board!

Ingredients: Type “00” Wheat Flour, Water, Yeast, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt

Company History:

The love story between the Fongo family and bread was born in 1945 with the first oven opened in Rocchetta Tanaro, close to Asti, in Piedmont. Since then, the passion for flour has always moved on two tracks: tradition and innovation with new recipes. This is how, in 1993, Mario Fongo invents the mother-in-law’s tongues a unique product that becomes, together with the traditional breadsticks, the company's trademark.