Mulino Bianco, Girotondi (10.58oz)


The ‘Girotondi’ from Mulino Bianco are simple, light and crisp cookies made from shortcrust pastry dough and fresh eggs which enhances the rich and creamy flavor and aroma. Girotondo is the Italian 'ring around the rosy'.

Enjoy 'Girotondi' cookies with espresso or cappuccino for a traditional Italian breakfast.

Company Historty:

Founded in Emilia-Romagna in 1975, Mulino Bianco is the voice of Italian tradition shared across the world with their line of sweet products. Formed into a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors, Mulino Bianco’s cookies, crackers, and bars are a staple in many homes across Italy. The bakery’s recipes honor the past in the present, as shown by its namesake white windmill. The wholesome symbol represents respect for the Italian countryside, recipes passed on from the grandmother, and simple, quality ingredients.